Housing Support

Everyone deserves a place to call home.


Between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023:

553 people housed

232 people avoided homelessness with early intervention

We focus on independent and permanent housing solutions as the main pathway to exiting homelessness. It demands that housing and housing supports are in reach for every individual that comes to the DI, regardless of history or circumstance. Our housing team works with many different resources to secure long-term housing solutions that are right for the individual.

Services offered Click on the ‘+’ symbol below for program details.

Who is served? Those experiencing homelessness for the first time or returning to shelter after six months or more.

What services are provided? Heavy engagement within the first 21 days to ensure stay in shelter as short as possible. Support with other housing opportunities as needed, including relocation to natural supports or referrals to other shelters that can better meet their needs (sobriety, domestic violence, etc.)

For inquiries, contact diversion@thedi.ca

Housing Specialist support

Who is served? Those currently staying in shelter.

What services are offered? Provides support with rental searches, applying for Alberta Works, and CAA check-ins. Triages people into other housing programs. Run out of our on-site Housing Hub with easy accessibility for staff and those staying in shelter.

For inquiries, contact DIHousing@thedi.ca

Case Management

Who is served? People residing at the DI with multiple barriers to housing, such as high substance use, undiagnosed/untreated mental health, high chronicity/shelter stays, etc.

What services are offered? Case Management with a steadfast commitment to housing first principles. Longer-term support in shelter, while working with their Case Manager and after transitioning into housing, as needed.

For inquiries, contact: casemanagement@thedi.ca

Community Case Management

Who is served? Those exiting shelter and transitioning into the community.

What services are offered? Coordination with community housing partners to support residents in maintaining the most independent living possible through community integration and life skills support (i.e., budgeting, rental education, connection with health care providers, etc.)

What are the referral requirements? Referrals through internal DI Housing, housing partners, and community organizations.

For inquiries, contact communitycasemanagement@thedi.ca

Scattered Site Housing

Who is served? Existing participants Housing First Program, funded by Calgary Homeless Foundation.

What services are offered? Subsidized rent for independent housing throughout the city, in partnership with Calgary Homeless Foundation, with support from Case Management.

What are the referral requirements? Referral from Calgary Homeless Foundation required.

For inquiries, contact Calgary Homeless Foundation

DI Affordable Housing

Who is served?  Those currently staying in shelter and transitioning into housing.

What services are offered?  Subsidized rent and Case Management support for mixed market buildings (housing for both community tenants and those exiting homelessness).

What are the referral requirements?  Referrals through internal DI Housing only.

For inquiries, email DIHousing@thedi.ca 

Additional Housing Resources
Tenant Resources

Learn more about what it means to become and be a tenant in your rented home. What are your responsibilities? What are your rights? How do you make a great first impression, and how do you keep a strong relationship with your landlord? If you have specific questions, please speak to your case manager. Click here to learn more. 

Landlord Resources
Acting as liaisons for our client population who are looking for their new home, we get a lot of questions about renting to folks exiting homelessness. We’ve put together some vital resources to help answer your questions. If you would like to join our growing community of “landlords committed to ending homelessness,” please get in touch with us at landlords@thedi.ca. Click here to learn more.