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What is the Calgary Drop-In Centre?

The Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) is more than an emergency shelter. We provide essential care as well as health services, employment training, and housing supports to people who need help. Our programs and services connect people to permanent housing that meets their individual needs.

Established in 1961, we have been an essential service to Calgarians for 60 years. In the past three years, we have transformed all of our programs and services to being housing-focused. In everything we do, we envision a community where everyone can find their home.

To learn about what the DI was up to this past year, including all of our key outcomes and financial statements, download our 2021-22 Report to Community here.

Tour the Calgary Drop-In Centre

Please note: This was filmed pre-COVID-19 and there have been changes to accommodate physical distancing and other health protocols since.

Learn about the side of homelessness most of us don’t see.

“Chuck’s” story is told by DI staff, demonstrating how deeply we care and feel for those we serve. Based on a compilation of stories throughout the past few year’s, this 6-minute mini-film explores homelessness and housing through two additional lenses — that of someone who spent more than 20 years living in an emergency shelter and that of his two children listening to their estranged dad’s heartfelt story for the first time.

How You Can Help a Person in Crisis

If you see a person in crisis, ask yourself two important questions.

  • Is this person at risk of harming themselves of others?
  • Are you the right person to provide hands-on assistance?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, carry on and consider calling 211 for advice about what to do in this situation.

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, consider calling one of the following:

  • DOAP team (Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership): 403-998-7388
  • Non-emergency police line for interventions and check-ins: 403-266-1234
  • Risk of Personal Injury or Damage: 911

It is important to be aware of your own safety during these situations. Additionally, be aware of how you’re presenting yourself, and be aware of the individual’s presentation, mood, and needs.

Are you here because of Calgary Corporate Challenge?

Calgary Corporate Challenge (CCC) hosts an annual Charity Challenge, which is an opportunity for local participating companies to promote philanthropy and goodwill by supporting our local charity partners. As a proud charity of choice, the DI has created a Kindness Quiz to raise awareness about our programs and services. Participating companies can complete this quiz to qualify for 1 “Give Awareness” point.