Contribute to The Ripple Effect

The project sprang from an experience that Long View (a Calgary-based information technology firm) had while their team was volunteering at the DI. As they were helping distribute food, they realized the need for fresh, safe water was almost as high.

“We were all surprised to find out that the need for water was almost as high as the need for food,” reflects Michael Kochorek, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development for Long View. “We had recently worked with our advertising agency, Daughter, on a canned water project for the Calgary Long View office to help reduce the impact of plastic bottles, so we immediately donated some of our cans to the DI, but it also got me thinking about how we could do more.”

Long View approached Daughter, a Calgary-based design and advertising agency, to help develop the idea of “The Ripple Effect”. Cabin Brewing offered to can freshwater, Raft Labs tested it, and Royal Printers printed the labels, with all involved donating their time and services.

Key project highlights:

  • Sustainable Solution: The canned water packaging is environmentally friendly, promoting sustainability while addressing an urgent need.
  • Community Partnership: the DI is partnering with local businesses to ensure water gets to those in need.
  • Impactful Outreach: This project aims to provide an initial run of 3,000 canned water units, with plans to expand based on community support and need.
  • Engaging the Community: We encourage more community members to join “The Ripple Effect” project by donating funds, volunteering their time, or spreading the word to raise awareness.

“We loved Long View’s initiative and were delighted to see so many companies coming on board to scale the project to help more people.” – Cindy N.,  Manager, Fund Development & Community Engagement | Calgary Drop-In Centre.


If you’d like to contribute to The Ripple Effect, please contact us at