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International Women’s Day – March 8th

March 7, 2024

Author: Anda Fabrig, DEI Liaison

On March 8th across the globe, we recognize this day for the accomplishments and achievements of women—it’s also a time to raise awareness for the work being done to achieve gender equity.

At the Calgary Drop-In Centre, we want to ask how we can do better as an agency for women on this day of reflection. According to Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network, 36% of those experiencing homelessness are women. Women in Canada often experience “hidden homelessness”, which we are unable to always capture in data collection. Hidden Homelessness is considered “provisionally accommodated”, meaning people who live “temporarily with others but without guarantee of continued residency or immediate prospects for accessing permanent housing”. There was a time in my own life where I was experiencing hidden homelessness, and I didn’t realize it until I began working with the DI. I am thankful for the learning I’ve been able to accomplish while working here, and I believe as an agency we are working towards ensuring everyone has a home.

Our journey towards accreditation will ensure that we, as an agency, continue to learn how to keep abreast of current learning in equity. We are creating spaces to create more inclusion throughout the DI and hiring roles to help support specific demographics in our shelter. We hope to continue bringing forward changes that support gender equity.

We also want to recognize that over 50% of our workforce are women who support our daily operations, and we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the work they do to serve the homeless population. Their tenacity and joy radiate through our buildings.