Emergency Shelter Programs

Between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023:

We sheltered an average of 505 people each day.

We served a total of 552,600 meals.

We responded to 44,099 visits in our Health Services clinic.

We helped 553 people find their way home.

We diverted 232 people from shelter and into their own home.

Meals & Bagged Lunches

We serve hundreds of meals on any given day. With the generous support of the community and the Calgary Food Bank, the DI offers three daily meals and bagged lunches for anyone who needs it in our emergency shelters.

Sleeping Program

The DI has several sleep programs to fit the needs of Calgarians without stable housing and we are currently funded for 1,000 beds.

Health Services

We invest in a nurse-led clinic on-site which collaborates with several local practitioners as well as Alberta Health Services and MINT Pharmacy to provide quick and accessible care to DI clients.

Housing Support

We understand the complexity of experiences and the challenges of exiting homelessness, particularly for folks who have been stuck in the cycle of homelessness for a long time. Our housing specialists, case managers and system experts work collaboratively with other agencies and landlords to help people exit shelter and find their way home.

Downtown Calgary Victim Services

Funded by the Government of Alberta and supported by the City of Calgary, the Downtown Calgary Victim Services program supports vulnerable people who have been victims of crime. This team acts as a liaison for their client and the justice system.


Knowing that a large part of maintaining one’s dignity is having access to bathrooms, showers and clean clothing, we provide free hygiene services to anyone who needs it.

Residential Addiction Treatment Services

The Calgary Drop-In Centre’s residential addiction treatment facilities meet the licensing requirements of Alberta’s Mental Health Services Protection Act. You can view our license here.