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Help Us Provide Relief During the Heat Wave

July 7, 2024

Join us in our Matching Campaign for Heat Wave Relief. As temperatures soar and a severe heat wave grips our city, we are reaching out to ask for your support in providing much-needed relief to individuals experiencing homelessness. Here’s how it works:
Every donation you make will be matched dollar-for-dollar by our generous donor (up to $25,000), doubling the impact of your contribution.

The scorching heat poses a significant risk to the health and well-being of those without shelter, and together, we can make a difference by offering essential support and resources during this challenging time.

With your generous contribution, we can provide the following assistance to vulnerable individuals in our community:

1. Access to water: By having clean drinking water on hand, we can ensure that individuals stay hydrated and cool during the heat wave.

2. Sunscreen and Hygiene Kits: Distributing sunscreen, hygiene kits, and basic supplies can help protect individuals from sunburn and maintain personal hygiene in the sweltering heat.

3. Shelter from the elements: Supporting with additional resources and staffing can provide a safe refuge for individuals seeking respite from extreme temperatures.

4. Outreach and Support Services: Increasing outreach efforts and support services can connect individuals experiencing homelessness with essential resources, medical care, and assistance in finding shelter.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those most vulnerable to the effects of the heat wave. Together, we can provide relief, comfort, and support to individuals in need and help ensure their safety and
well-being during this challenging time.

To donate or learn more about how you can support our heat wave relief efforts, please visit or contact us at Your generosity will help us make a difference in the lives of those struggling with homelessness during this heat wave crisis.

Thank you for your compassion, support, and commitment to helping our community members in need. Together, we can provide relief and hope to those facing the challenges of homelessness during this heat wave.