Kindness Kits

Build a Kit, Build Community

Learn the value of building community by putting together packages filled with kindness — they will go directly to our city’s most vulnerable people. This is a great way to involve your family, school group, corporate team, or other community groups of which you’re apart.

Suggested contents for each kit can be found by clicking the instructions button beneath each opportunity listed below. These kits change depending on the season and our greatest needs, so there’s always a new way to get involved.

We thank you for acquiring, assembling and dropping off your kit at our Donation Centre located at 3640 11a St NE (map) and not our main shelter.

Kindness Kits Registration Form

Please register before dropping off your kindness kits. This helps us prepare for your donations.
  • If you're donating more than one type of kit, please include that in your answer. Example: Bagged Lunches = 30, Fill-A-Sock = 30, Frosty Bite Kits = 30.
  • Your note may be shared for marketing or morale purposes. All messages will remain anonymous and we will never share your personal information.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.